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Cold Calling Controlled Zones

Cold Calling Controlled Zone

A joint initiative involving North Wales Police and Conwy Trading Standards service has been set up throughout the county of Conwy. The aim of the initiative is to reduce the number of victims of doorstep crime such as distraction burglary, rogue traders and bogus callers.

The objective of the scheme is to discourage cold callers from calling at houses in 'Cold Calling Controlled Zones'. They are not designed to stop all callers and, thus, regular callers, utility services , religious groups, political canvassers and charities should not be deterred. Traders involved in door to door selling may still call but should always provide prior notice of their intention to call.  However, if the household is displaying the "Cold Calling Controlled Zone" sticker then their wishes should be respected.

Cold Calling Controlled Zones should discourage rogue traders who, for example, tell householders work needs doing and then charge exorbitant prices, sell poor quality items at high prices or pressure sell, the zones will also discourage those who use door step selling as the opening for distraction burglaries or to make plans for future burglaries.

The idea of the controlled zones is to provide the opportunity for householders to collectively say 'NO' to the practice of cold calling. A zone should reduce the fear and threat felt by some householders when the doorbell rings and the caller is unknown.

The zones are visibly identifiable by overt signs and by participants displaying a sign on their door which they receive from an information pack supplied by the Trading Standards Service in partnership with Neighbourhood Watch.

To obtain a free doorstep crime pack or for further information about the scheme please contact Conwy Trading Standards section.

Please click on the link below to view a list of the Cold Calling Controlled Zones in place throughout the county of Conwy.

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Acrobat/PDF FileCold Calling Controlled Zones in Conwy (May 2015)
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  • 17/06/13 - Who's knocking on your door? 17/06/2013

    The town of Conwy has become the fourth area in the County Borough to be designated a Cold Calling Controlled Zone.

  • Cold Callers - Consultation Event 04/03/2014

    The whole of Abergele could become a Cold Calling Controlled Zone under proposals put forward by Conwy Trading Standards, North Wales Police and Conwy Community Safety.


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Published: 04/03/2014    Last updated: 20/05/2015
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