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Sign-up for paperless billing

Conwy County Borough Council can now offer you the option to receive your Council Tax bill by e-mail rather than through the post.

What will happen if I sign up to the electronic billing scheme?

  • You will receive your bill, any adjustment or exemption notifications, reminders and final notices (if applicable) by e-mail. These notifications will be sent as a PDF document
  • You will be able to print your bill if you wish
  • If you have not chosen to pay by Direct Debit you can pay your bill securely on line by following the link attached to the email demand we will issue
  • If you change your e-mail address you will be able to inform us by completing the on-line Council Tax - electronic billing form with your new details.

How do I opt out of electronic billing?

  • If you no longer wish to receive your bill by e-mail and decide to receive your bill through the post again, you can let us know by completing our on-line form Council Tax - stop electronic billing 

Please note that if any notifications we send to you by e-mail are returned to us twice as undelivered we will automatically cancel your e-billing request and will send any future correspondence to you through the post. If you wish to receive your bills by e-mail again you would need to re-submit the online form Council Tax - electronic billing confirming your correct email details.
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