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North Wales Regional Collaborative Committee

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What is the Regional Collaborative Committee?

The purpose of the Regional Collaborative Committee is to drive forward effective and efficient delivery of the Supporting People Programme in Wales at a regional and local level. The Regional Collaborative Committee will help to ensure strategic spend is consistent with Welsh Ministerial priorities and help deliver on these priorities.

RCC Annual Report 2016-2017

Regional Strategic Plan

RCC Minutes January 22nd 2016 

RCC Minutes March 11th 2016

RCC Minutes July 8th 2016

RCC Minutes November 11th 2016

RCC Minutes January 20th 2017

Memorandum of Understanding

RCC Membership

Researching Support Services for People Leaving Prison in North Wales

Final Report June 2017

Supplementary Document June 2017

For further information please contact the Supporting People Team at

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