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Great Orme – more than meets the eye

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This leaflet is useful for drivers and walkers, with a foldout map showing the roads, public footpaths and promoted trails on the headland, as well as places of interest on the headland.

For more detailed information on the Summit Trails, the Nature Trail and the Historical Trail, please see the other pages in this section.

Take care!

  • This beautiful headland can be very exposed, and weather conditions near the summit can be very different from those at sea level.
  • Suitable footwear and clothing are essential for walking throughout the year.
  • When walking along roads, walk on the right hand side in a single file.

Please see below for a PDF copy of this walk route / leaflet. A number of publications are available to purchase. Please visit our Countryside Publications page for more information.

Great Orme – more than meets the eye

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