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Integrated Network Map (INM) Public Consultation

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INM routes are proposed future Active Travel routes within Conwy - find out how to suggest a route or make a comment.
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Below you will find links to Conwy’s INM proposals, these represent our draft 15 year Active Travel improvement vision to improve walking and cycling routes across our County. We wish to create opportunities for a healthier more sustainable population and environment.

The INM proposals are a requirement of the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013. The delivery of the routes shown will depend on the availability of Active Travel scheme funding and routes may change as they are developed. Each route shown on the map represents a 15 metre (50 foot) wide corridor, so if you see a line on the north side of a footway, please understand that the route may end up on the south side of the footway or even on the road. If a route is shown as a shared off-road route, it may still end up as a route on the road. This is because we have yet to go to the level of detailed design required to determine routes precisely.

The below maps show what the public has requested and how best the Council initially thinks it may be able to provide it.

This consultation has now closed. Conwy will display the finalized proposed INM routes via this webpage subject to approval being received from the Welsh Government. The INM routes that will be shown here is only the beginning of this process, all local authorities must continually resubmit improved plans approximately every three years.

Annual Progress Reports to Welsh Government

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