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Occupational Therapy Intake Team within Conwy Access Team

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The Occupational Therapy Intake Team’s role within Conwy Access Team is to assess clients with less complex disabilities, which can be addressed in a quicker time frame. The team consists of the Team Manager and Occupational Therapy Assistants (OTAs).
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As a person with a permanent or substantial disability who is having difficulty within the home with some day to day activities, I would like an assessment of my needs to enable me to remain safe and independent.

I would like to find out which agencies can assist me and what advice or recommendations the Occupational Therapy Intake team can make to enable me to continue living independently within my home.

The Occupational Therapy Intake team can be contacted through the Conwy Access Team who will complete a brief contact assessment with you over the telephone. They will also be able to assist with signposting to relevant agencies for support and where appropriate refer onto the Occupational Therapy Intake team.

As a person who is over 60 and living in a privately owned or privately rented property, Care & Repair are able to provide advice and information and assist with adaptations to your property.

As a person who is over 65, Age Connect are able to provide a handyman service.

Conwy care and repair

Age connect

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