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Victoria Pier - Update

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Victoria Pier - Update

Emergency work is progressing well and the specialist contractor is expected to be on site until the end of May.

Earlier this year, three of the supporting columns failed and the heavily corroded lattice girders and cross bracing collapsed on the seaward section of the pier.

The structural engineer appointed by the Council confirmed that the seaward section of the pier had lost so much of its inherent structural strength that it represented a very real threat to public safety.

The Council arranged for 24 hour security on site to keep the public away from the structure, and a contractor was engaged to replace/repair the damaged security fencing.

A specialist demolition contractor was appointed to begin the dismantling process, and ensure the decorative balustrading and cast iron columns were carefully removed and stored for safekeeping.

The emergency work started on site on 1st March, following CADW approval of the contractor’s proposed method of working.

The work was originally programmed to be complete within a three week period by using hydraulic steel shears because the majority of the structural metalwork was so heavily corroded and in such poor condition that it precluded any possibility of it being reused in the future. 

However, it was subsequently agreed that each individual section of metalwork, however badly damaged, would be carefully removed before being recorded and catalogued prior to disposal off site. This approach has required the contractor to considerably alter the method of working. Rather than using the mechanical shears to remove the metal sections, the contractor has been required to burn through each attachment bolt using hand-held oxy-acetylene cutting equipment before each part can then be lifted off in one piece by the on-site excavators.

The combination of this revised approach, working at low tide, and minimising the vibration and direct contact to the remaining structure has extended the timescale of the work.

Council officers continue to liaise with CADW, and keep them informed of progress.

Council officers are also ensuring the Pier Trust is kept up to date as the seaward section of the pier is dismantled and the elements of heritage value saved and stored.

Members of the public are asked to continue to keep a safe distance from the structure.

Remaining Section (from Pavilion building to promenade)

The longer term plan for the remaining part of the pier was discussed by Council on 2 March 2017. 

The Council supported the submission of Planning and Listed Building Consent applications for the dismantling of the Victoria Pier, restoring and redeveloping a ‘truncated Pier’, recording and storing to a safe place those elements of the Pier of heritage and/or structural value for the potential reuse in a future restoration of a more substantial Pier by a third party.

We intend to submit the applications for Planning and Listed Building Consent to the Planning department this month (May 2017).

Posted on 10/05/2017

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