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The Revenue and Benefits Assessment Service is proud to have received an award for customer service excellence. We are always looking to improve our services and your feedback will help us.

These feedback forms are reviewed on a monthly basis. If you require a prompt response to any query, please contact the relevant department directly. Contact details can be found on our website:  www.conwy.gov.uk
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Did you know that you can keep track of your benefits entitlement with an online account?. Registering is quick and easy.  
To have your Council Tax bill sent by e-mail click on the link ctax.e-billing.enquiries@conwy.gov.uk?subject=Please%20enrol%20me%20into%20your%20e-billing%20service

Alternatively, to view your Council Tax account online via our Website, please visit www.conwy.gov.uk/counciltax
Conwy County Borough Council can now offer you the option to receive your Sundry Invoices by e-mail rather than through the post.  
www.conwy.gov.uk/en/Resident/Paying-for-Sundry-Invoices/Sundry-invoices-ebilling-form.aspx" Electronic Billing - Sundry Invoices
Conwy County Borough Council can now offer you the option to receive your Non-Domestic rate demand by e-mail rather than through the post.
www.conwy.gov.uk/en/Resident/Report-Pay-Apply/Forms/Form-Electronic-Billing-NNDR-Opt-In.aspx" Non-Domestic Rates - Electronic Billing

Direct Debit is without doubt the most efficient way to pay Business Rates.
www.conwy.gov.uk/en/Business/Business-Rates/Payment-by-Direct-Debit.aspx" Payment by Direct Debit
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