Sandy Cove – Neighbourhood Assessment

The information provided will be processed by Conwy County Borough Council and is necessary to gather information to assist in considering appropriate regeneration opportunities, specifically in the Sandy Cove area of Kinmel Bay.

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If you would like any more information about this survey then please contact Ivor Jones on 01492 574192 / or Esyllt Hughes 01492 574622 /
  Do you currently live in Sandy Cove?
  How long have you lived at your present address?
  Inlcuding your present address, how long have you lived in Sandy Cove?
  Do you:
  Is your property
  What type of property do you live in?
  How many bedrooms do you have?
  Does the type, size and location of your home generally meet the needs of your household?
  Yes   No   Don't know  


  What in your opinion is the present state of repair of your home (Tick all that apply)
  What is the main method by which your home is heated (tick all that apply)
  Does your property have:
  Do you intend to move house in the next 12 months?

About your local area

  Do you think that any if the following are a problem in Sandy Cove?
  Big problem   Small problem   No problem  
  Condition of local houses      

  Appearance of local shops      

  Vacant houses      

  Condition of roads      

  Condition of pavements      

  Appearance of front gardens      

  Appearance of open spaces      

  Availability of community facilities      

  Street lighting      

  Street parking      

  Street cleaning      

  Refuse collection      

  Drug abuse      

  Alcohol abuse      





  Dogs and dog fouling      

  Traffic levels      



  Crime, theft and burglary      
  Do you like living in Sandy Cove?

About your household

  How many people usually live in your household: (please tick all that apply)
  None   1   2   3   4+  
  0-3 years          

  4-11 years          

  12-15 years          

  16-59 years          

  60-74 years          

  Over 75 years          
  Including yourself, how many people usually living in your household are: (please provide the number of people)
  None   1   2   3   4+  
  In full time employment          

  In part time employment          



  Not in paid employment – claiming benefits          

  Not in paid employment – not claiming benefits          

  In full or part time education / training          
  Is anyone in your household in receipt of any of the following?
  Is there one or more person regularly living in your household who are registered disabled?
  How many vehicles are available to your household?
  National identity
  Ethnic group
  What is the total ANNUAL INCOME of your family?
That is income from all sources including benefits, before tax. This will help us to estimate what people in Sandy Cove can afford to pay for housing (these details are held in the strictest of confidence and will not be supplied to anyone else).YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION.
  Do you feel that you can afford to buy a house in the local area?
  If you are a home owner, how much did you originally borrow to buy this house?

Thank you for your time in completing this survey.

If you would like any more information about this survey then please contact Ivor Jones 01492 574192 / or Esyllt Hughes 01492 574622 /

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This survey is only for residents of Sandy Cove. Please close this window.Thank you for your time.