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Gwaith cynnal hanfodol ar y wefan – Dydd Iau 9 Ionawr 2020

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Gwirfoddolwyr yn cynorthwyo cynghorau yn ystod argyfyngau

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Gwirfoddolwyr yn cynorthwyo cynghorau yn ystod argyfyngau

Volunteer 4x4 drivers from a Welsh charity have joined forces with councils across north Wales to help with transportation at short notice during times of adverse weather.

The North Wales Councils Regional Emergency Planning Service has signed a new agreement with 4x4 Response Wales, whose volunteers will help support all north Wales councils’ response to major incidents such as flooding and heavy snow. This support could include taking key staff to their places of work; delivering supplies of food or medication to those in remote areas; or providing transport for council staff such as carers who need to get around the region to do their work in severe weather and during emergencies.

Neil Culff, Regional Emergency Planning Manager said: “The 4x4 Response Wales Team provide valuable additional resilience of specialised vehicles and competent operators to council services.  Having this resource on hand will allow us to keep our critical services running when we experience the problems that can be caused by extreme weather conditions, especially in more rural areas.

“It must be stressed, 4x4 Response Wales are not there to replace existing vehicles or services, but rather to complement them in times of high demand or where resources have become stretched.”

Colin Everett, Flintshire County Council Chief Executive,  said: “As host organisation for the Regional Emergency Planning service, I am pleased to see the collaborative approach that we have taken with the agreement that demonstrates how Local Authorities can work together to prepare for disruptive events and use resources wisely.  This is a fantastic resource which is available to us and all six Councils are extremely grateful to 4x4 Response Wales for their continued support.”

Mark Margetts, a trustee of 4x4 Response Wales added: “Through this agreement we are pleased to be able to provide support from our large pool of well-trained volunteer drivers and their vehicles to assist the north Wales community in times of need.”

4x4 Response Wales is a charity that provides regular training and assessment of responders and their vehicles to ensure that they are sufficiently competent to provide assistance and support safely when required, and make them available across Wales where needed. The Welsh organisation forms part of the national UK 4x4 Response Network, in which members agree to respond in severe weather, flooding, or other emergencies.

In an emergency, officers will contact the charity’s coordinators who will mobilise the volunteers.

If you would like to know more or are interested in joining and volunteering with the 4x4 Response Wales Team please contact Martin Bailey on 01745 592551 or 07974 396699. Alternatively visit their website via http://www.4x4responsewales.org/


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