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Performance indicators

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Performance indicators are a key tool used by local authorities to measure performance. Outlined below are the different types of Performance Indicators, and why we collect them.
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The Performance Indicators are set out by the Welsh Government (WG).

They allow the authority to monitor their performance over specific areas of the councils work. Using these figures we can compare to previous years' performance, and also set targets for the next year to help improve services. It also allows us to compare our performance to other authorities in Wales.

The National Strategic Indicators are a legal requirement and must be collected by each local authority and are reported in their Improvement Plans.

The Public Accountability Measures consist of a small set of 'outcome focussed' indicators, selected from within the existing Performance Measurement Framework. They reflect aspects of local authority work which local authorities agree are considered to be important in terms of public accountability.

The Service Improvement Data can be used by local authority services and their regulators as they plan, deliver and improve services. The make-up of this data set will be refined by local authorities according to need and value, collated centrally and shared within the local government community to support service improvement.

Corporately we have set up local performance indicators based around the Corporate Plan 2012-2017. This will allow us to closely monitor whether we are achieving the objectives set out in the plan.

Older versions of the reports found on this page are available on request from

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