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*Craig was referred to us by his job centre work coach in June 2017 as he had been out of work since June 2016 having being made redundant from his previous job.
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He was assigned to Mel, our adult mentor, who arranged to meet with him at the job club we run in the community centre that is local to him. He had recently moved to the area to help care for his disabled father.

During the first meeting this young lad appeared very nervous and could not make any eye contact at all, spending the whole time looking down at the floor. It was apparent that he was very anxious. Mel tried to make him feel more at ease by talking to him in a very calm and gentle manner, making him a hot drink with some biscuits! He started to relax as the meeting continued, and this is something that we work hard to achieve. We always want our participants to feel completely at ease with us and this can sometimes take time.

As the meeting progressed, Craig began to open up to Mel and he told her that he had been suffering from anxiety and depression, and very rarely left his home. He wanted support in overcoming this barrier, so the discussion focussed on how he felt this could best be done. Mel suggested a work experience placement with a local employer. Craig was very keen to try this option as it would also give him reason to leave the house each day, and he went away from his first meeting with Mel feeling a lot more upbeat and happy.

Back at the office, Mel contacted a local employer and discussed Craig’s situation; the employer was very understanding and offered to take him on an 8 week placement. This was a huge step forward for Craig. Feedback from the employer on his 1st few days were that, he was very quiet and shy but completed all the tasks to a great standard. Halfway through his placement, Mel made contact again with the employer who told her that they could not believe how much his confidence was growing!

Regular contact was maintained with Craig who also reported a very positive experience. He was enjoying it very much and felt less anxious each day. Mel spoke with his job centre work coach who also couldn’t believe the difference in Craig since starting his work placement. Options around what would be available for him when the placement came to an end were discussed so that Craig could continue growing his confidence without a break in the momentum that was building day by day.

Mel contacted another local provider, The Prince’s Trust who specialise in working with 18-24 year olds. They had a retail course at Marks and Spencer’s coming up around the time his placement was due to finish, so discussions were had with Craig and he was very keen and excited to apply for this course. Mel prepared him for his interview; he felt more confident in applying for different vacancies now that he had some experience and he was overcoming his anxiety which was just so fantastic to see.

Meanwhile, the feedback received from the Employer where Craig was completing his placement was nothing short of outstanding, and they were very sorry to see him go and also very sad they had no vacancies to keep him on. Immediately following on from his placement, Mel referred him straight over to the Prince’s Trust for the retail course at Marks and Spencer. Whilst Craig was on the course, Mel received a call from Prince’s Trust to tell her that Marks and Spencer’s would like to offer him a full time job! He had excelled and they were so very impressed with him!

One last meeting was arranged and it was clear to see that Craig was a completely different person. He was confident, happy and no longer suffered from anxiety. He couldn’t thank us enough for our help and support.

We help people to find training and employment opportunities. Make a referral to our team.

*Our participant’s name has been changed to keep his identity confident.

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