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Corporate Plan 2022-2027

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The Corporate Plan 2022-27 sets out our values and the priority areas Conwy County Borough Council wants to focus on over the next five years. The priorities were developed through discussion with communities through ‘The County Conversation’.

The priorities within our Corporate Plan aim to be progressive and forward thinking, but they cannot be met by Conwy County Borough Council alone, particularly in such challenging financial times, and therefore it is vital we work in partnership with communities and other public sector organisations to make the improvements happen. We have to move away from traditional models of public service delivery and think innovatively to meet the changing needs of communities if we are going to keep services sustainable.

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Our vision is: Conwy - a progressive County creating opportunity

We are working in a changing and demanding environment. Our vision is to be progressive in managing change and to use it to create opportunities; to safeguard what we have, and to build on this to accommodate change. This vision is a shared endeavour. We want to strengthen our relationship with citizens so that we can work together to improve the county. In all that we do, from educating children, caring for the vulnerable, recycling waste, regulating businesses, to providing leisure facilities and theatre performances to name but a few, we want to be progressive and creative so that we maximise the opportunities available to the communities within Conwy county.


Our values represent the beliefs of our organisation and the expected behaviour from everyone working for Conwy County Borough Council. Our values are:

  • We care about what we do
  • We are fair to all
  • We are innovative
  • We are team players

We ask communities each year if the priorities are still right and review them if they need altering. Likewise, we want to tell communities about what has been achieved, and each October we provide updates through an annual report.

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