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Equalities statistics - research bulletin

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This research document: Equalities data for Conwy County Borough - bulletin April 2021 to 2022 (PDF) collects data on age, disability, marital status, pregnancy and maternity, ethnicity and national identity; religion / belief; sex, sexual orientation; and the Welsh language.

It is the latest monitor in a series which is produced on an annual basis by the Corporate Research and Information Unit. The monitor looks at key equality indicators for Conwy County Borough, presenting the latest data and providing some commentary on what the data shows. New data sources will be added to the monitor as they become available.

The depth of data analysis represents the level of reliable data available, not the importance of the subject. The bulletin is used to support the Council's equality impact assessments / integrated impact assessments.

This research bulletin is normally published once a year in April, but will also be revised in autumn this year to take account of the 2021 Census results which are due to be published later in 2022, and will provide significant new information on the topics covered.


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