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How Conwy Council received funding between 2019 and 2020

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  • Money we receive from Welsh Government is £115.695 million, which makes up 52.6% of the overall funding
  • We receive £64.741 million from Council Tax, which is 29.4% of the total funding
  • We receive £38.497 million in re-distributed business rates, which is 17.5 % of the funding
  • We also use £1.068 million from reserves, which is less than 1% of the funding

Conwy allocates the money for the year in the following ways:

  • The largest cut is for Education and schools and this is just over 36% of the budget, nearly 80 million pounds for 2019 to 20
  • The next largest cut is for Social Care and this takes nearly 29% of the budget allocated, at just over £63 million.
  • Following that we have Environment, Roads and Facilities at £20 million which is just over 9% of the budget
  • Just under £14m  - or  just over 6% of the budget goes on capital financing
  • £10.6million, or just under 5% goes on the council tax reduction scheme
  • All the support services receive just under £7 million, which is 3% of the budget
  • We spend £6.3 million or 2.9 % of the budget – on contributions to the fire service and the national park
  • We spend around 5.6 million on the Regulatory and Housing services and 5.6 million also on Community Development services

What your money is spent on each year for a Band D property council tax of 1,280 pounds and 48 pence per year:

  • 435 pounds, 35 pence is spent on Education and schools
  • 368 pounds and 20 pence is spent on social care
  • We spend 80 pounds and 97 pence on interest costs and repayment
  • 61 pounds and 94 pence is spent on the council tax reduction scheme and business rate relief
  • 39 pounds and 9 pence is spent on corporate support services
  • 37 pounds and 8 pence is spent on the fire service and national park payments
  • We spend 32 pounds and 76 pence on recycling and waste collection
  • We spend 30 pounds and 31 pence on roads and infrastructure
  • 29 pounds and 29 pence is spent on school transport
  • 22 pounds and 57 pence is spent on public protection, licensing and environmental health
  • We spent 15 pounds and 82 pence on modernisation and corporate fees
  • 15 pounds and 8 pence went on tourism, theatres, conferences and events
  • We spent 14 pounds and 85 pence on managing council buildings
  • We spent 12 pounds and 88 pence on democracy
  • We spent 12 pounds and 41 pence on landfill charges
  • 11 pounds and 87 pence is spent on libraries
  • 11 pounds and 20 pence is spent on street cleaning
  • We spend 11 pounds and 13 pence on swimming pools and leisure centres
  • 7 pounds and 85 pence is spent on homelessness prevention
  • We spent 7 pounds and 31 pence on supporting businesses and the community
  • 6 pounds and 89 pence is spent on parks and gardens
  • 6 pounds and 84 pence is spent on revenue and benefits and financial assessment teams
  • We spend 4 pounds and 96 pence on youth services and we spend 3 pounds and 83 pence on countryside management
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