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Strategic Equality Plan 2016-2020

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This is our second Strategic Equality Plan since the Equality Act 2010 and the Statutory Duties (Wales) Regulations 2011 came into force.
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The Equality Act 2010 and the Statutory Duties (Wales) Regulations 2011 require all public bodies to review and publish equality objectives and a Strategic Equality Plan at least every 4 years, having considered relevant data and engaged with groups representing each of the protected characteristics.

In 2011-2012 we identified 6 top level objectives with accompanying action areas which were identified as priority areas at that time and published in our first Strategic Equality Plan. At that time we adopted an evidence based approach which came from relevant data available and took into account the main priorities that representatives of our community suggested we tackle.

For this current Plan, our starting point was to ask the people of Conwy County Borough, other relevant organisations and individuals, our employees, management and trade unions, whether the overall objectives were still relevant.  It was concluded from this work that the Objectives and Action Areas identified and published in 2012 remain largely relevant although with some suggested amendments to a few existing action areas and a small number of additional Action Areas.  These are set out within this Plan.

The Action Plan outlined in Appendix 1 shows how we intend to achieve these equality objectives with the aim of improving the experiences of all our citizens. We will report on our progress towards these objectives annually.

The legislation requires that our Plan is focused on achieving positive outcomes for employees and customers. We have tried to achieve this, whilst also aiming to ensure that equality is built in (mainstreamed) to our policies, functions and service delivery. We aim to make all our practices and policies fully inclusive, eliminating discrimination, promoting equality and embracing diversity in everything we do.

We will continue to challenge the way we provide services, develop policies and employ and retain people to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

The following six Equality Objectives, which are subscribed to by all partners in North Wales, have been adopted for Conwy:

  • Address Health inequalities
  • Address unequal outcomes in Education to maximise individual potential
  • Address inequalities in Employment and Pay
  • Address inequalities in Personal Safety
  • Address inequalities in Representation and Voice
  • Address inequalities in Access to information, services, buildings and the environment

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