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Educating your child at home

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Most parents or guardians decide to send their children to School to receive an education however you do have the right to elective home educate your child instead.
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What is Elective Home Education?

Elective Home Education is electing or choosing to educate your child at home rather than in a School. You must however make sure that your child receives an efficient and effective education from the age of five (compulsory school age).

What do I need to inform?

  • Child has never been registered at a school
    If your child has never been registered at a school and you decide to educate your child at home, you are not legally required to inform the local authority. It is helpful however to do so which can be done by filling this form and returning as asked on the form
  • Child has been registered at a school
    If you have decided to educate your child at home but they are already registered at a school, you must let the Headteacher know in writing and ask them to remove your child from the register. The school will then let us know and then remove your child from the register. If you change your mind at this point, you will need to re-apply for their place in the school assuming places are still available.

What is the role of the Local Authority?

The Local Authority does not have a duty to monitor the quality of the education you provide to your children but it does have to be satisfied that you are giving your children a suitable education.

What help and support is there?

We will contact you initially when you first decide to home educate and we can offer practical and useful advice. Thereafter we contact you annually to arrange a call or home visit (if appropriate) to discuss your children’s education and offer support and guidance.

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