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Re-location Foundation Phase Behaviour Resource Consultation - Introduction

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1. Introduction

1.1 Background

Conwy Local Authority Foundation Phase Behaviour resource base has been located at Ysgol Ffordd Dyffryn until close of 2021-22 academic year. This has followed notice from the Governing Body in April 2022; that the school would no longer be able to accommodate resource base within the school setting.

To ensure service continuity for learners in the Foundation Phase for the 2022-23 academic year, the provision has been temporarily accommodated at Canolfan Addysg Conwy Key Stage [2] Pupil Referral Unit site Yr Ddraig Goch, Llandudno. This means that learners accessing at the close of 2021-22 academic year at Ffordd Dyffryn site can continue with provision, and new learners identified 2022-23 academic year as meeting criteria for provision can also access. This temporary measure for 2022-23 academic year will allow for provision for learners in the Foundation Phase in Conwy to continue whilst consultation takes place around the provision.

The Foundation Phase resource provision for behaviour, provides education for up to 7 learners whose social and emotional behavioural needs are unable to be met in their mainstream school setting. Schools must evidence through referral that significant adaption and individual planning have been completed in the mainstream school, despite which the learner remains unable to access the curriculum due to the presenting behavioural needs.

Currently, Conwy has one resource base provision for learners with social and emotional behavioural needs in the Foundation Phase. Learners in Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 access Canolfan Addysg Conwy portfolio Pupil Referral Unit provision. This ensures that there is provision in Conwy for learners across all Key Stages.

We would like to be able to identify where provision would be best placed for long term to ensure continued access for learners across Conwy in the Foundation Phase.

It is hoped that this proposal will help ensure that there is appropriate and high quality education provision in place for learners with social and emotional behavioural needs across all Key Stages.  It will also help to ensure that the Local Authority meets its statutory duties in ensuring that all learners have access to appropriate education settings and provision, as identified through the statutory assessment process.

The proposal seeks to ensure provision for all Key Stages in Conwy is available. This should ensure that pupils meeting the access criteria are able to be effectively supported to have access to an appropriate curriculum and to meet their full potential.

1.2 The proposal subject to this statutory consultation

That Foundation Phase Resource for Behaviour is re-located to Canolfan Addysg Conwy: Yr Ddraig Goch on a permanent basis to continue availability of provision.

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