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Re-location Foundation Phase Behaviour Resource Consultation - Details of the Proposal

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4. Details of the Proposal

4.1 The Resource Provision

The provision accommodates up to 7 learners which is seen as a class. Learners access in line with their current presenting need, so therefore can access on a full or part time basis dependent upon presenting behaviour. All learners have a level of engagement with their registered school as part of their timetable in order to promote re-integration and maintain learner’s links with their school.

The premise of the resource is that learners engage with strategies to manage their behaviour which will allow for their re-integration back to mainstream school setting. Attendance within the provision also allows for additional assessments to be undertaken to ascertain if there are wider Additional Learning Needs.

4.2 Transport arrangements

Learners attending the resource will receive taxi / mini bus transport from the Local Authority to the provision.  Wherever possible, this will be shared transport with other learners requiring transport.

4.3 Staffing

The provision is overseen by the following allocation of staff:

  • 1 x Full time Teacher
  • 1 x GO5 HLTA 32.5 hours
  • 1 x G01 Teaching Assistant 30 hours

4.4 Equality Impact Assessment

A full Equality Impact Assessment, including a Community Impact Assessment will be carried out as part of this statutory consultation period.  The full assessment will be included within the consultation report which will follow this consultation period.

4.5 Benefits and disadvantages

There are no perceived disadvantages to continuing this additional learning provision in response to identified ongoing and projected increased need.

The perceived benefits are that learners in Conwy identified as requiring this enhanced/specialist provision will have access to it across all Key Stages.

Maintaining provision within Conwy means that pupils will not potentially need to access out of county provision.

By incorporating provision within Canolfan Addysg Conwy Pupil Referral Unit portfolio this will ensure all resource for primary aged learners is located on one site.

4.6 Welsh Medium Provision

In preparing for this proposal we have considered the need for provision through the medium of both English and Welsh.

The provision due to staff allocation in previous setting and 2022-23 academic year setting can be provided through the medium of Welsh. As the Foundation Phase provision is open to all Conwy schools, provision through the medium of Welsh must be considered within ongoing planning and accessibility for the provision.

4.7 Canolfan Addysg Conwy

Canolfan Addysg Conwy is Conwy Local Authority Pupil Referral Unit provision.

Conwy as an education authority ‘Has a duty to make arrangements for the provision of suitable education at school or otherwise for each child of school age who for reasons of illness, exclusion or otherwise would not receive it unless such arrangements were made.’ (Section 19 Education Act 1996).

Pupil referral Unit provision in Conwy is undertaken through portfolio arrangement following changes made in April 2019. This means that the three sites Y Ddraig Goch [Key Stage 2], Penmaenrhos [Key Stage 3] and Penrhos Avenue [Key Stage 4] are all registered to Canolfan Addysg Conwy and overseen by one Head Teacher. In turn each of the sites is led by an Assistant Head Teacher. Policies and practice therefore across the sites are standardised to Canolfan Addysg Conwy.

The provision was inspected by Estyn under the new Inspection Framework in February 2022 with an outcome of not requiring follow up or categorisation. Under the new inspection framework Schools and Pupil Referral Units are no longer given summative grading such as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

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