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Post Covid Seasons for Growth Workshop- Remote online training via Zoom

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A change and loss approach to the effect of the pandemic on Children based on the Seasons for Growth programme
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The urgent nature of the global response to COVID-19 brought rapid change to family, school and work life.

In addition to adapting to all the change, there will be some children who have had to spend time with abusive relatives, children who have had someone they care about fall unwell or be hospitalised, families who have experienced bereavement, as well as families who have been experiencing additional complications at home such mental health issues, stress, relational difficulties or financial hardship as a result of the lockdown.

As initial restrictions begin to be lifted, considerable uncertainty continues, with the ‘after lockdown’ phase bringing new changes to adapt to. In fact, it is now clear that it will be quite some time before life will return to ‘normal’. This session provides an opportunity for us to consider the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated protection measures upon children and young people.

The session draws on the best available research regarding what children need to help them adapt and grow stronger during uncertain and difficult times.

DateTime VenueTrainerCourse Fee
(English Session)
6.30 - 9pm remote online training via zoom Y Bont Free
(English Session)
6.30 - 9pm remote online training via zoom Y Bont Free
(Welsh Session)
6.30 - 9pm remote online training via zoom Y Bont Free
(English Session)
1 - 3.30pm remote online training via zoom Y Bont Free
(Welsh Session)
6.30 - 9pm remote online training via zoom Y Bont Free


Workshop content:

  • Consider how staff, parents and children are feeling
  • Look at evidence from research from this and other pandemics
  • Look at learning from other similar situations
  • Understanding the impact of trauma on children
  • Considering the impact of lockdown
  • Considering post lock down
  • Factors that influence coping
  • Look at what children need to help manage their feelings.
  • Look at what support children, parents and staff need to cope. 



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