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Critical Worker Provision January 2021

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Critical worker provision Q&A

The First Minister announced on 8th January 2021 that all learners will revert to learning remotely. Children of critical workers may apply to attend the critical workers provision offered in their school.

Top tips for parents and carers helping learners with online learning in Hwb (PDF)

Are schools open for any learners to attend currently? 

Schools remain open for children of critical workers. Individual schools will be offering the critical worker provision providing face to face learning for those families who have no other childcare options available.

How do I know if I am a critical worker?

Further information can be found on the attached link Identifying children of critical workers: guidance | GOV.WALES Being included on the above list does not guarantee children of all these workers  will be able to send their children to school for the critical worker provision. Many parents working in these sectors may be able to ensure their child is kept and cared for at home and this would be encouraged wherever possible.

Within our household one parent/carer is classed as a critical worker can I use the school’s critical worker provision, if one parent is still at home?

The law only requires one parent to be a critical worker for the obligation to make arrangements to apply for the critical worker provision.  We do encourage that if there is an option to care for the child/children at home safely to do so.  The critical worker provision would be offered if no other home care arrangements are available.

I’m identified as a critical worker but do not routinely work Monday to Friday, can I continue to send my child to the critical provision all week?

No, every child who can safely be cared for at home should remain at home. The critical care provision should apply when no other caring arrangements can be made at home.

I’m identified as a critical worker but currently working from home can I send my child to the critical worker provision offered in the school?

Difficulties with balancing home-learning and working from home is not a reason to access the provision unless the person working from home is a critical worker and is unable to safely care for the child. Every child who can be safely cared for at home should stay at home. The critical worker provision should only be used as a last resort. The schools may have to prioritise those families who are unable to care for their child/children at home due to being a critical worker to the COVID-19 response or is in a key sector such as health and social care.

If I apply for my child/ children to attend the critical worker provision, can I guarantee that my child will be accepted?

In order to provide a safe critical worker provision, ongoing monitoring of learner numbers is in place. If the number of learners increases, then flexible timetabling may need to be considered by the school to offer the provision to all those who really need it and have no other option at home.  If parents/carers work is critical to the COVID-19 response or is in a key sector such as health and social care and the child/children cannot be kept safely at home, then priority will be given for continued education provision for those learners.


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