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COVID Leisure FAQ's

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Which sites are opening and when?
The following sites will open on Tuesday 11th August:
Colwyn Leisure Centre (swimming pool to remain closed)
Eirias Events Centre
Llandudno Swim Centre (fitness suite to remain closed)   
Abergele Leisure Centre
Dyffryn Conwy Leisure Centre (fitness suite to remain closed) 
Llandudno Junction Leisure Centre
Llanrwst Swimming Pool
Hwb Yr Hen Ysgol

The following site will open on Monday 17th August: John Bright Leisure Centre                                                                        
What are the opening times?
See individual leisure centre home pages for opening times at each site. 

Which activities will be available?
Fitness Suites
Fitness Classes

Are the pools open for family swims during phase 1 of re-opening?
No. During phase 1 the pools are only open for lane swimming and these sessions need to be booked online.

Can my membership stay frozen if I still don’t feel safe to return to the facility?
During the reopening phase we will keep all membership payments frozen unless you tell us differently. If you would like us to restart your Direct Debit or your pay-up-front membership, please let us know and we will arrange for this to happen from the relevant date.  

Can we bring in our own towels for the fitness suite and fitness classes?
Not at this present time. Paper towels and anti-bacterial spray/hand wipes will be provided for use.

Will all fitness class users need to bring their own mat and yoga blocks?

When are swimming lessons starting?
This will be based on the advice received from Swim Wales. When we are in a position to start swimming lessons again we will contact all those who have lessons and make the information available to the public.

Will there be social distancing for group swimming lessons?
This will be based on the advice received from Swim Wales.

Will swimming teachers get tested for the virus?
This will be based on the advice received from Swim Wales.

My child hasn’t swam – am I able to book 1-to-1 swimming lessons?
This will be based on the advice received from Swim Wales.

When will clubs be back in?
This will be based on the advice received from National Governing Bodies and will only re-start when it is safe to do so.

Is gymnastics club on?
No not at the moment. This will be based on the advice received from the National Governing Body and will only re-start when it is safe to do so, which will probably be during phase 2 or 3 of reopening.

How will you manage the cleanliness of the leisure centres?
All equipment will be cleaned regularly throughout the day by staff and social distancing guidelines will be adhered to at all times. Parts of the building will be temporarily closed throughout the day to allow staff to carry out deep cleaning of the equipment and surfaces.

How are you adhering to the social distancing guidelines?
One way systems will be implemented in all sites where this is possible to allow safe entry and exit, the fitness suite equipment will be stationed at least 2 metres apart and there will be markings on the floor for exercise classes.

Can I just turn up to use the gym or classes or do I have to pre-book?
You have to pre-book & pre pay where possible to use any of the facilities available. Before you can start booking your fitness sessions online, you need to have a valid account. If you have given your e-mail address to your local centre but have forgotten your password then you can access the Book Online system by entering your e-mail address and clicking the ‘forgotten password’ option to reset and then access the site. If we do not have your e-mail address on our system then you will need to contact any centre that is open with your name and CCB card number so that we can enter your e-mail address and then you can follow the same steps as above. Please note if you have anyone else in your family that is a member then each family member will need a separate e-mail address to access the Book Online system. The Book Online system can be found here - https://conwy.leisurecloud.net/Connect/mrmLogin.aspx

Is the 4G available for team sports?
The Outdoor 4G pitch at Eirias is available for clubs, but not private bookings. Any club wanting to book will need to follow their national governing body guidelines and adhere to the venues guidelines.

Can I pay by cash?
Please pay using card payments by using contactless were possible. Cash is accepted but only where other payment methods cannot be made.

Will I be able to shower after swimming session?
Yes but you will only have 10 minutes after your swim session to shower, get changed and leave the changing rooms. This is essential to allow our staff to clean the changing rooms ready for the next group to use the facility.

Can I leave my valuables / kit in a locker if I am using the fitness suite or attending fitness classes?
Not at this present time. Please come gym ready.

Are the changing rooms available to use after a fitness suite session or fitness class?

Not at this present time. Please come gym ready. If toilets and hand wash basins within the centre are located in a changing facility then these can be used but the changing rooms cannot be used to store any personal items or for any other purpose.

Will the air conditioning be switched on or off in the fitness suite?
Initially gyms will not have air conditioning due to the location of the fitness suites. When facilities open that have air conditioning then the system will need to meet the requirements from the government under the COVID guidelines or it won’t be used.

Can I still pre-book 7 days in advance?
No. During this time customers can only book 2 days in advance. This is due to the lower capacities we will be able to offer and to give everyone the opportunity to book an activity. This will be constantly reviewed and moved back to 7 days in advance when we feel it is appropriate to do so.

What if I can’t make it to a pre-booked class or gym session?
Due to lower capacities cancellations must be made at least 2 hours before the start time to ensure equal opportunities for all to access the reduced service. Anyone who doesn’t cancel and doesn’t attend will be charged a £2 dis-honour fee.

Are meeting rooms available? If yes, is there a maximum number that can attend a meeting?
Not at this present time. We will follow Welsh Government guidelines on this. When we can offer meetings we will follow social distancing guidelines and calculate how many can safely use each meeting room we offer.

Is the barn available for private and team bookings?
The indoor barn at Eirias is available for clubs, but not private bookings. Any club wanting to book will need to follow their national governing body guidelines and adhere to the venues guidelines.

What will the procedure be if a customer requires first aid treatment on site?
Any member of staff who needs to administer 1st aid treatment will wear PPE and safety guidelines will be followed at all times based on the guidelines from the RLSS and the health and safety at work act.

Is there an admittance policy for under 16’s? Do they need to be accompanied by an adult?
Under 16’s using the gym can do so during a junior supervised session or they have to come with an adult anyway. Anyone using a swimming pool who is under the age of 16 will have to be accompanied by an adult for the time being.

Is the centre only open to customers using the centre? E.g. what happens if public just want to use the toilet /vending machine / watch family members swim?
Yes the centre is only open to customers using the facility. If you are not booked in to attend an activity then you cannot come into the centre.

Will the crèche be open when you reopen?
Not at this present time. We will let customers know when the crèche provision is up and running again.

How long is phase 1?
Phase 1 will end on Sunday 6th September and Phase 2 will commence Monday 7th September.

When will be indoor Fitness classes start?
Indoor Fitness classes will start from Monday 17th August. 

Can I just turn up for an activity?
You will need to book online where possible 48hrs before, if a person does not have internet we can take their booking over the phone. If a non-member turns up at reception we have to do a quick add to the MIS. We need to have contact details for Trac and Trace.

Can I book more than one person to an activity on my email address when booking online?
No, each person booking will have to have their own email address to book an activity online.

Admission Policy for phase 1
Under 16’s using the gym 1 x adult to 1 x U16
Under 16 swimming (Lane Swimming only in phase 1) 1 x adult 1 x U16.

Disabled Carer swimming with a registered disabled person
The disabled carer will have to book over the phone to book a slot as if they try to book online it will charge them. The disabled carers card to be used to book them in. This is for Trac and Trace purpose. Carers details to be put in the registered disabled user details.We are under our ratio for lane swimming, so we can have an extra one added. You will need to change the reservation if all 4 lanes are full.

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