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Sensory Garden

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How you can make your garden interesting for all your senses.
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Here is a list of wildflowers, native shrubs and climbing plants that can be used to create a sensory garden. They all have different characteristics that excite our senses: touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing. A sensory garden is a very good way for able and less able children to learn about the variety of plants.

Plants Description Sensation Wildlife Value
Agrimony Spikes of yellow flowers Colour Birds
Bladder Campion Bright yellow flowers Smell Bats, moths
Borage Hairy with blue flowers Colour, touch Bats, moths, bees
Briza Media Quaking grass Sound -
Buddleia Flowers in purple clusters Smell Butterflies
Bugle Low plant for shady places Colour Butterflies
Burdock Sticky seed heads Touch -
Carex Pendula Pendulous sedge in damp areas Sound -
Catmint Fragrant Smell -
Comfrey Hairy herb Touch -
Common Chamomile Fragrant white flowers Smell -
Cowslip Yellow bells Colour Butterflies, moths
Curry Plant Aromatic leaves Smell -
Evening Primrose Yellow flowers Smell Bats, moths
Fennel Aromatic herb Taste -
Feverfew Pungent leaves, daisy flower Smell -
Fleabane Woolly with yellow flowers Colour, touch Butterflies
Forget-me-not Tiny blue flowers Colour Butterflies
Garlic Chives Garlic flavoured herb Taste -
Geranium Fragrant with blue/pink flowers Colour, smell Butterflies
Goldenrod Yellow flowers Colour Butterflies
Hemp Agrimony Fluffy seed heads, damp areas Colour Butterflies
Honeysuckle Climber Smell Bats, moths
Hyssop Spikes, blue flowers Colour Butterflies
Lambs Ear Soft leaves Touch -
Lavender Fragrant herb Smell -
Lemon Balm Lemon fragrance Smell -
Marjoram Aromatic leaves, small pink flowers Smell, taste Bats, moths, bees
Mint Refreshing herb Smell, taste -
Mousear Tiny white flowers Touch Bats, moths
Night Scented Stock Fragrant flowers Smell Bats, moths
Oregano Aromatic herb Smell, taste -
Ox-eye Daisy Large white flowers Colour Bees
Purple Toadflax Purple flowers Colour Bees
Pussy Willow Shrub with soft catkins Touch -
Red Valerian Fragrant red flowers Colour Butterflies
Rosemary Aromatic herb Smell, taste -
Sage Aromatic herb Smell, taste -
Salad Burnet Edible leaves Taste -
Salsify Giant seed 'clocks' like dandelions Colour, touch -
Snapdragon Yellow flowers Colour Butterflies
Spring Sedge Ribbed leaves Touch -
Sticky Catchfly Sticky shoots, pink flowers Smell, touch Bats, moths
Teasel Spiky heads in autumn Touch Butterflies
Thyme Aromatic leaves Smell, taste Bats, moths, butterflies
White Campion White flowers Smell Bats, moths, earwigs, bees
Wild Garlic Leaves smell of garlic Smell, taste -
Yellow Rattle Dried seed heads rattle Sound -



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