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Background to the Active Travel standard

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The Integrated Network Map for the County of Conwy shows the future development of strategic routes using the Active Travel Standard.
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It is envisaged that in the not too distant future the public will be able to access a Welsh Government webpage and discover which routes in major settlements across Wales can be used to access local services or facilities by bicycle, by mobility scooter or by walking.

Stage one in delivering Active Travel was the assessment of the Existing Route Network, very simplified this meant that existing facilities such as cycle routes and footways where assessed against a more stringent criteria than had ever been applied before. This meant that some existing facilities could not be shown on the new existing route network maps. Our trained Engineers can assess routes against the criteria, we are seeking from you desired routes to enable you to access local facilities.

The following is taken from the guidance document:

3.26 Routes that fall very far short of the standards, to the extent that they are difficult and cannot be used safely, should not be shown on the maps regardless of their location. High quality routes should also not be shown on the maps if their location does not enable access to services and facilities, or if they cannot be accessed safely from the rest of the network. This may be the case for routes that are for purely recreational use, or newly built routes that have yet to be connected to the wider infrastructure.

The Integrated Network Mapping (INM) is the second phase of consultation defined in the Active Travel Act (Wales) 2013. This is the development of future routes (or probably in most cases, the improvement of existing footways & carriageways to bring them up to Active Travel standards). It is worth considering that we are only at the beginning of a fifteen year improvement programme, therefore realistically we can only look to make improvements year by year with funding subject to Welsh Government grants and monies acquired through developers through the Development Control process. A process that Conwy has already been working hard to secure.

The following is taken from the guidance document:

3.49 There should be a 12 week public consultation on the integrated network maps, which can be combined with the existing routes map consultation. It will be important to be clear in the public consultation that the integrated network maps are aspirational maps. Whilst they will include proposals for new infrastructure and improvements to existing infrastructure that are under active development, they will also include possible plans for the next fifteen years which are subject to planning permissions or might be affected by future events. It will be important to make this clear in public consultation to ensure that the process does not give rise to unrealistic expectations of what will be delivered and by when.

We are here to simplify this process as much as possible for you, so any questions, clarification or simply re-assurance please e-mail your enquiries to activetravel@conwy.gov.uk and we will do our best to assist you.

Once again thank you for your interest in Active Travel to date and those of you who wish to make further suggestions please accept our thanks for any time and effort you are able to donate.

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