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Bradley – Son of Foster Carer

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For the last 5 years Bradley been a member of a Conwy fostering family. Here he shares his experience. . .
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“My family started fostering in 2012 when I was 11 so I have been a part of a fostering family for the past 5 years.

"Shortly after my mum and dad started fostering they were asked to care for two sisters. I have always been involved in their lives, the girls came from nowhere and now they are a part of our family.

"I have enjoyed meeting new people and having new experiences since we have been fostering, we take part in more activities too.

“I found it difficult at the start going from being an only child and all the attention being on the girls, I felt put to one side but I knew the girls needed my mum and dad the most. But now it’s the norm and I don’t need as much attention from mum and dad.

“When the childcare social worker came to visit the girls she would check up on me and have little chats with me, I found those chats to be really useful.

“Now that I have experience of fostering I would say to a family with children who were thinking of fostering to discuss the role fully with their children and about how their household is going to change. Let them know that they may need to help out a little around the house.

“There isn’t anything I would do differently we have kind of perfected it now, it’s easier now. At the start the girls did not know what was coming each day, now we have a routine and they know exactly what they’re doing each day, routines are really, really important.

"When I am old enough I would like to follow in mum and dads footsteps and become a foster carer myself.

“I am now 16 and being a part of a fostering family is normal to me and it’s taught me so much.”

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