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Jason & Angie

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Jason and Angie have been fostering for 12 years for Conwy County Borough Council. Here they share their experience of fostering teenagers.
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“TEENAGERS” argh lol.

Please don’t believe the hype, they are not little angels waiting to morph into zombie creatures with attitudes the size of Big Ben.

We have had many teenagers pass through our home over the years, and one thing that has been consistent with each and every one of them is that they are as confused about life as we all were (and still are much of the time).

For us it is about helping them understand that it is OK to make mistakes as long as they can learn from them and use that experience to make better decisions with their lives in the future.

Yes there will be fun and games along the way (but isn’t that life!), but believe me, when a teenager has left and still wants to return to say “hello” or sends you a Happy Birthday on your favourite social media, you HAVE helped them.

If you can guide a teenager in the right direction you will be setting them up for the life journeys ahead.  Now that’s not a bad thing is it?

Oh, and I would suggest no mobiles around the dinner table. This is something we have always done, and the whole family do enjoy a good chat/moan about the day’s events that have happened.

One final thing to remember, “you were never a teenager so you just don’t get it!!!” really means “sorry! But I will never admit that I am wrong to you while I’m in this frame of mind”.  Give them a little space and time; things do tend to sort themselves out.

Remember to enjoy the time you have with them because time does move on quite quickly.

WELL DONE for helping someone, we need more people like you in this sometimes difficult world.

We have been foster carers for 12 years (not unlucky for us).  We have welcomed children aged from 3 to 18 and we can honestly say every one of them has a special place in our hearts.



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