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What is Fostering?

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Fostering is a way in which children and young people are cared for whilst their own family is unable to do so. Working for Conwy as a foster carer, you will be providing a secure and safe family environment in which the child or young person is nurtured and can develop.
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The child or young person can be with you for a short period of time, or longer, depending on the individual child’s needs. In all cases, we will work to reunite the child with their family in the first instance.

Where this is not possible a permanency plan for the child will be necessary to provide stability either in foster care, living with family members, adoption and in the case of young adults through supporting them to move on to Independent living.

Within Conwy we have a range of looked after children, from babies to young people, who require looking after and we are currently recruiting foster carers from all areas of the county to meet the needs of our looked after children.

How is fostering different to adoption?

Where a child is adopted, legal rights and responsibilities for the child are permanently acquired by the adoptive parents. With fostering, the child or young person being fostered remains the legal responsibility of their parents and the local authority.

Naturally many children will wish to retain strong links with their birth families and regular contact whilst in foster care is encouraged where appropriate. Often parents may continue to be involved in important decisions regarding their child’s welfare or education.

Foster carers however play a key part in a child’s life with key day to day decisions delegated appropriately to them. Children require somewhere safe to stay with people who will make sure they’re happy, healthy and well cared for. What they need are foster carers prepared to give them time, support, stability and to ‘go the extra mile’. Conwy foster carers will enable them to stay within their local community, maintain relationships with their family, friends and hobbies, progress at school, and feel part of the community in which they live.

Foster carers perform an incredibly important, challenging but also immensely rewarding role. They might help brothers and sisters to stay together, children with disabilities have a short break or support children to deal with difficult situations. By giving children the positive experiences they might have missed out on, foster carers also help children to grow in confidence and develop the skills that will benefit them in the future.

We call on all of you as individuals to do extraordinary things for children and young people who need you in their lives. Your support can help them to reach their potential, however great or small that may be and is an act of selflessness to be celebrated.

Why do children come into care?

There are many reasons why children and young people come into care including family breakdown, illness or neglect. Many will have been in situations where their welfare has come under threat and all will have experienced separation and loss from their birth family.

Experiences of loss and separation will almost inevitably have had an effect on their development and emotional behaviour. As a result children may express behaviour which can be considered as challenging or difficult. Some may have become introverted, some loud and controlling, whilst others may be coping with negative emotions born out of their past personal history. Often it will be difficult for them to build a trusting relationship and we call on individuals from all different walks of life that can meet these challenges with the support of Conwy.

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