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All Wales Induction Framework eLearning Modules For Adults and Children's Services workers

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Course aims and objectives:

Who is this course for?

Adults and Children's Services workers new to working in Social Care.

  • Every health or social care service, whether large or small, must give all new workers an induction.

Course details:

This course consists of online eLearning modules providing the worker with a clear understanding of the knowledge, skills and values that they need to know to make sure that new workers are safe and competent to practice, at this stage of their development. The online AWIF takes approximately 16 hours to complete. There is an expectation that the modules are to be completed within the first six months of employment.

The on-line modules provides underpinning knowledge to support completion of the All Wales Induction framework workbooks, which can be found using the following link:-

The modules can be accessed at any time by the worker and can be completed, in bite size modules.

  • Workers progress can be saved and resumed to suit the worker.
  • Workers progress will be monitored and managers will be emailed, if workers fail to access and make progress on the course.

What do I need as a learner?

You will require support from your manager and access to a laptop or tablet and time to complete the course.

What do I do as a manager?

Support the learner through the induction, monitor the learners progress, observe the learners working practice, test the learners knowledge to ensure the worker is competent.

How do I apply?

Please complete the booking form to receive a licence for each worker.

AWIF Booking Form (Word)

What Happens Next?

  • The learner will be sent an email with a direct link to the AWIF modules.
  • Click on the link, the learner registers with their details, their name and password to start the course.
  •  A clear demonstration of how the course works and what the learner needs to do next will be given.

Please email all enquires to

For further information, or if you have booked a place on the course and have not received notification to attend please contact the Workforce Development & Learning Administrative Team. Please do not turn up to any course unless you have received notification of your place as the event may be fully booked.

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