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Pressure Ulcer Prevention

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Course aims and objectives:

Older people with limited mobility are at an increased risk of developing pressure ulcers. This training course will explain how pressure ulcers develop and how they can be prevented.

It also presents the difference between pressure, shearing and friction and shows how each of these forces irritate the skin.

Course details:

Duration of course: 35 minutes including Assessment Quiz

  1. Watch through each video chapter. You will need to answer the questions within a chapter correctly, then submit your answers at the end of the chapter to complete it.
  2. Once you have completed all available chapters, you will be able to take the Assessment Quiz and complete the Feedback form.
  3. A PDF Certification of Completion showing the Learner’s name, date of submission and pass mark can be sent to Managers by request to

Completing the course can count towards evidence needed for Continuing Professional Development for re-registration requirements and contribute towards the underpinning knowledge for All Wales Induction Framework for Health & Social Care and QCF.

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