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Rachel Clarke is Forensic Accounting Masters Student, who lives in North Wales. She’s conducting a research project which compares the welsh public perception of fly tipping with the real facts. Rachel wishes to get a better understanding of what the people of Wales know and think about Fly Tipping

The hope is that her findings will be used to create strategies, which can be implemented by the Local Authorities, Fly Tipping Action Wales and Natural Resources Wales, to be better prepared in the fight against Fly Tipping. Rachel would like to demonstrate the true and hidden costs of Fly Tipping, raising everyone’s awareness of the cost it has on the people of Wales.

As a student Rachel is a welsh language learner, and she recognises the need for the survey to be bilingual.  Unfortunately without funding and a limitation of time Rachel has been unable to produce the survey In Welsh.

You are invited to participate in this research project because you are a resident of Wales and your views and opinions matters.

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