Conwy leisure services pricing review survey

  Who are you answering this survey on behalf?
  How many are in your family?
  How many children in the family are aged?
  1   2   3   4   5   6  
  3 and under            
  4 - 6            
  7 - 8            
  9 - 10            
  11 - 13            
  14 - 16            
  What is your household income?
  Is exercise a priority to you and/or your family/group?
  Do you/your family/group participate in leisure activities?
  Do you use council leisure facilities at present?
  Can you easily travel to Conwy's leisure facilities?
  If yes, do you travel to the facilities by?
  What are the barriers which prevent you from participating in Council leisure activites? (select the main primary reason)
  Do you believe that the current user fees for the Council leisure facilities are?
  If the provision service was free would this make a difference?
  Do you find our pricing structure clear and easy to understand?
  Would a standardized pricing structure be preferred for all play & play activities?
  Do you feel the annual discount loyalty card is fairly priced?
  Would an annual discount for your loyalty each year be an incentive for remaining with FFIT Conwy monthly subscription?
  Would a reward points scheme, be an incentive for recommending a friend or family member?
  Would you consider volunteering in return for leisure activity sessions?
  I would like to attend leisure activities, I just can't afford the current cost?
  Did you consider another gym provider pricing structure before joining our Fitness subscriptions?
  How much does cost play a part in choosing a venue or fitness provider?

Please provide your contact information if you would like to be entered into a draw for the prize membership package?

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