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(Conwy County Borough Council Corporate Plan 2017-22)

In 2016 public sector organisations came together to launch the County Conversation to give citizens an opportunity to have their say on the development of public services in Conwy. People submitted lots of views about what was good about where they live and work, and ideas about where different organisations should focus their efforts over the coming years.

The Council has produced a 5-year Corporate Plan to address the key things that people felt to be most important.

The Plan sets out the priority areas Conwy County Borough Council wants to focus upon over the five years.  The priorities were developed by working with communities through The County Conversation, but each year we need to check that they are still the right priorities for Conwy.

We'd like you to get involved and share your views by answering the following questions:

  Based on the priorities, in your opinion are the actions still the right things we should be focusing on to improve Conwy County? If no, what else would you suggest?

Equality questionnaire

In order to monitor the effectiveness of our engagement activity and to ensure it is delivered in a way that is fair to all and free from bias, we would appreciate your cooperation in providing on an entirely voluntary basis, the information as requested below.

The information is confidential and anonymous, and will be used solely for statistical monitoring purposes. It is separated from any correspondence received from you.
  Do you want to answer the equalities questions?
  Age group
  Gender identity
Do you consider yourself to be transgender?
  National identity
  Ethnic group
  Preferred language (spoken)
  Preferred language (written)
Do you have a physical or mental health condition or other impairment that has lasted, or is likely to last at least 12 months, or is of a progressive nature
  If 'yes', please provide more details
  Caring responsibilities
Do you look after or give help or support to family members, friends, neighbours or others because of:

 ● long term physical or mental ill-health/disability; or

 ● problems related to old age
  If 'yes', please tell us how many hours of care you provide each week
  Sexual orientation
Please indicate which term would best describe your sexual orientation
  Marital status

Next steps

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