Having Your Say - My Pathway Review

Having Your Say - My Pathway Review

1. Are you coming to your Review?
2. Would you like me to visit you instead?
4. Where would you like your review to be?
5. Would you like someone to help say how you feel at your review?
There are people to help you. There is a leaflet about advocacy with this booklet.
Would you like us to contact them for you?
Your Review Meeting
My Pathway Review
Being Looked After
9. If you are still looked after in foster care, do you know why you are looked after?
10. Do you know what the long term plan is for you and where you are going to live?
11. If you are living independently, do you understand your plan for the future?
13. Are you as healthy as you think you should be?
14. Is there someone you can tell if you are ill, worried or upset?
15. Would you like our Being Looked After Nurse to visit you to answer any questions?
16. Are you happy where you are living?
Where You Live

Can we help you more with any of these things?

19. Help you to follow your religion and customs
20. Allow you to speak your own language
21. Do you speak Welsh as your first language?
22. Would you like your Review in Welsh?
23. Do you have another first language?
24. Meet people who share the same culture / racial background as you?
Culture & Language
25. Are you in:
27. Do you need extra support in: School / college / training / employment?
28. Do you get to try the things you want to do?
29. Is there an activity you would like to do?
31. Has anyone discussed with you the decisions from your last review?
32. Did you agree with them?
33. Since the last review is there anything you are not happy about?
34. Is there anything you would like to see changed?
35. If you don't understand anything about your Review would you like someone to come and talk to you?
36. Do you find it difficult asking for help?
About Your Review
37. Do you see your family or friends
38. Have you seen a plan around when you see family and friends?
39. Do you have carers that help you with this?
40. Are you happy with the plan?
41. What would you like to change?
Family and Friends


Independent living

46. Do you manage your money ok?
47. Would you like help with budgeting skills to manage your money better?
48. Do you need help to fill out housing forms?
Independent Living
49. Do you have your National Insurance number?
50. Do you have your birth certificate?
51. Do you have a passport?
52. Do you have a driving licence?
53. Would you like help with any of these?