Consultation Booklet For Foster Carers
3. Is your family happy with the placement?
7. Are there issues around the child/young person's behaviour you need help with?
8. Are the children happy with the other children/young people at the placement?
9. Are you happy with the support given by your supervising Social Worker?
10. Have any problems identified been dealt with appropriately?
11. Do you receive sufficient support and communication from other agencies?
  Yes   No   N/A  
  Youth Justice      
  Other (please state below):      
12. Were the actions completed from the last meeting?
  Yes   No   N/A  
  By yourselves      
  By the Social Worker      
  By any other professional      
13. Do you know what the long term plan is for the child/young person?
15. Do you need any help with training and resources to manage the placement?
16. Do you feel your views are listened to and actioned?
17. Are you happy working with the parents and facilitating contact?
18. Do you require respite or a break from your placement?
19. Would you like a visit from the Independent Reviewing Officer?
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