Glan Yr Afon (Residential) Consultation Booklet

3. Have the actions from the last review been completed?

Care Plan

6. Do you know what the care plan is for the child/young person?
7. Is this in line with the internal Placement Plan?
8. Are you updated regularly by the Social Worker in respect of the current plan?
9. Are your objectives/outcomes clear?
10. Do you feel anything needs changing or amending in the plan?
13. Do you have the appropriate paper work in place?
  Yes   No  
  Personal Education Plan (PEP)    
  Medical Consent    
  Core Assessment    
  Placement Information Record (PIR)    
  Placement Request    
  Risk Assessment    
  Looked after Child (LAC) Health Assessment    


15. Are there any physical health concerns you currently have in relation to the child/young person?
17. Are they registered with a Doctor?
18. Are they registered with a Dentist?
19. Are there any issues around emotional health or behaviour?
21. Do you require further support in managing this?


23. Is the child/young person in education?
24. Do you understand the targets in the Personal Education Plan (PEP) if they have one?
25. Are there current issues regarding behaviour in School/College
27. Are there any other concerns about the child/young person while at School/College
29. Are there any transport issues?
31. Do you know your expectations around support in the unit e.g. homework, attendance?


14. What support services or other agencies are currently involved?
  Youth Offending Team (YOT)  
  Parent Support Worker (PSW)  
  Community Support Team (CST)  
  Sessional Support Services (Sessional)  
  Drug Alcohol Rapid Response Team (DARRT)  
  Action For Children (Action for Children)  
  Child Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)  
  Advocacy (Tros Gynnal)  
  Family Group Conferences (CWLWM)  
32. Are there any issues with the input from these agencies
34. Do you require further services or support from any other agency or support service?


37. Do you know what the current contact arrangemtns are for the child/young person?
38. Is this manageable within the unit?
40. Does contact impact on the placement?
42. Does the contact plan need updating?
43. Is communication going well with the family in relation to the placement and contact?
45. Are there any issues with family or friends that are having a negative impact on the placement?
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