Parents' general consultation booklet

3. Do you know what the current plan is for your child/young person?
4. Do you know what the long term plan is for your child/young person?
Do you feel the placement is meeting your child/young person's needs?
5. Health
6. Education
7. Routines
8. Sleeping
9. Eating
10. Behaviour
11. Activities
12. Friendships
13. Communication with you as parents
14. Current contact arrangements?
15. Are there any support services involved with your family?
16. Tick which teams
17. Do you know why they are working with your family?
18. Is the plan clear?
19. Does your own family offer any support?
20. Do you need any other support, help or advice?
21. Do you know what is expected of you in the plan?
22. If YES do you think these are realisitic?
23. Do you understand what assessments are being completed and by whom?
24. Do you wish to make a compliment or complaint about the service?
25. Do you wish to meet with the Independent Reviewing Officer before the meeting?
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