Conwy County Borough Council Public Toilet Survey

Conwy County Borough Council want to ensure that its visitors and residents have access to safe and well maintained toilet facilities that meet the needs of their users. We are reviewing our current toilet strategy and are seeking your views on how future toilet facilities can be managed.

  2. Do you use public toilets regularly?
  3. If yes, how often do you use them?
  4. If no, please tell us the reason for this from the list below
  5. What type of toilet do you typically use or would you use? Please select all that apply.
  6. At what times of the day are you most likely to use a toilet facility? Please select all that apply.
  7. Within our town centres, how long do you consider is acceptable to walk to a toilet facility?
  8. How long would you consider acceptable to drive to a toilet facility?
  9. Rank the following locations of toilet facilities in order of importance from 1 to 6, with 1 being of most importance and 6 being of least importance.
  1   2   3   4   5   6  
  Close to major shopping areas            
  Near to tourist attractions            
  Next to playgrounds            
  At popular beaches            
  At railway stations            
  Along major travel routes (e.g. A470)            
  10. Which of the following facilities would you or your family use? Please select all that apply.
  11. Would you be prepared to pay to use a toilet facility?
  12. If no, what would encourage you to pay to use a public toilet?
  13. If yes, how much would you be happy to pay?
  14. Conwy runs a partnership with local businesses to offer their toilet facilities free of charge to members of the public. Are you aware of Conwy Council’s Community Toilet Scheme?
  15. Do you feel comfortable using the toilet facilities of businesses, currently on the community toilet scheme without buying or using any of their services?
  16. Is there enough information on the location of the toilets accessible to the public in Conwy and the facilities that they offer?
  17. If, no please suggest how we can improve the information.
  18. Overall, when you are out and about in Conwy County do you feel there is sufficient provision of toilet facilities?
  20. Overall, when you are out and about in Conwy County do you feel there are sufficient facilities, such as baby change and changing places to allow you to enjoy a day out with your family and/or friends?
Equality and human rights in the UK is underpinned by a legal framework. The Equality Act 2010 requires all public authorities to fulfil the requirements set out by the Act which includes gathering equality monitoring information in order to monitor the effectiveness and fairness of our policies and practices.  To ensure our services are delivered in a way that is fair to all and free from bias, we would appreciate your co-operation in providing, on an entirely voluntary basis, the information as requested below.
The information will be used solely for statistical monitoring purposes to help create a fully inclusive environment.  Data will be kept confidential and will not be used to attempt to identify any individual.  Where using the data could identify individuals due to low responses, action to aggregate that data will be taken to prevent individuals being identifiable.  This information will be securely destroyed after we have analysed the data which will only be used in connection with this area of work.  If you are uncomfortable completing all of the boxes, please feel free to complete the ones which you are comfortable with as this data will still be useful to us.
  23. What is your age?
The Equality Act 2010 defines a disabled person as a person that has a physical or mental impairment, which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on the person’s ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities (i.e. has lasted or is expected to last at least 12 months).  
  24. Do you consider yourself to have a disability according to the terms of the Equality Act 2010?
  25. If you have answered yes, please indicate the type of impairments which apply to you:
  26. At birth were you described as: (please tick one option)
  27. Since birth has your gender identity changed?
  28. What is your religion?
  29. Do you provide unpaid daily care to someone who would not manage without your help? (Tick as many as apply)
  30. What is your preferred language?
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