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Before an Emergency – advice to help you prepare

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There are many risks that could impact us and the community and cause an emergency situation. These include severe weather like snow, flooding or heatwave and other risks such as industrial accidents or pandemic flu.
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There are some simple steps you can all take which will mean you and your household are better prepared should an emergency occur and ready to take steps to recover. 

Personal/Family Emergency Plans

There are several things you to think about when planning for an emergency.  Information about how you can prepare for an emergency, develop your own emergency plan and/or emergency pack be found in the document and Web links below.  Things like preparing a family emergency plan or preparing a grab bag in case you are asked to leave or evacuate your property.

Community Resilience Plan

Your community can prepare a Community Resilience Emergency Plan to ensure that you’re ready to respond in co-ordinated manner if an emergency occurs in your area. 

For more information about these topics follow the web links below or contact North Wales Resilience Planning.

North Wales - Preparing for emergencies (PDF)

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