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Residents' Parking Schemes

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Residents’ parking schemes are designed to prioritise on-street parking spaces for local residents, especially where they are having difficulties parking near home.
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What is residents’ parking?

Residents’ parking schemes are designed to prioritise on-street parking spaces for local residents, especially where they are having difficulties parking near home. Schemes are intended to deter non-residents like commuters and shoppers from parking on residential streets. Residents would need to purchase and display a permit to allow them to park on the street within a designated parking zone.

Initial support from residents is vital - we need at least 40% of households to respond to our proposals and 75% of those must be in favour of introducing a residents’ parking scheme.

Why is the Council offering a scheme in my area?

The Council is trying to make best use of the available road space for the general benefit of local residents. There are existing and new pressures in our towns and this is a method to control parking, avoid obstruction (especially for pedestrians) and improve road safety at junctions.

How does the residents’ parking scheme work?

The residents’ parking scheme is designed to prioritise on-street parking spaces for local residents.

We are suggesting that schemes operates from Monday to Saturday, from 8am to 6pm to deter problem commuter parking, but this is flexible and is one of the issues we would like your opinion on.

We also suggest that there are limited waiting parking bays to allow for casual visitors. Residents can buy day-visitor permits for planned visitors who need to park for longer. Certain exceptions will apply for doctors and other medical or social care givers and each case will be assessed.

Signs and road markings will be used to show the areas where residents can park.

If your street is included in a residents’ parking zone and you do not have off-street parking, you will need to purchase a permit to allow you to park your car within your zone.

Permits currently cost £83 a year for the first permit, £60 for a second permit subject to demand. The money from the sale of permits will be used to provide and maintain signs and lines, to provide enforcement and penalty processing and for the administration of the scheme.

The permit is issued for use by the resident’s household and is not transferable. The resident parking permit applicant must live at an address within the scheme boundary. To confirm that the applicant lives at the address, we will be checking the details provided against the full electoral register. We may ask for further evidence if the name or address provided does not match the information held by us. 

The permit:

  • must be displayed in the front windscreen of the vehicle, making sure that all the information is visible from the outside. It is an offence not to display your permit and you may be liable for a Penalty Charge Notice.
  • can only be used within the scheme boundary and allows you to overstay  limited waiting restrictions without penalty. You may not use the permit in any other road or car park within Conwy county.
  • does not guarantee the holder a parking space or unrestricted right to a parking space. Spaces cannot be reserved and are not allocated to any household. The permit will give you priority to park in your street or the surrounding streets that make up your zone.
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