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Biodiversity on your land

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Help care for your local environment.
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Find out how you can make your land more wildlife friendly.

If you own a piece of land of any size there are many ways in which you can help the local wildlife.  Even with very small alterations to management practices, land can be made more wildlife friendly.  Ideas include:

  • leaving vegetation to grow a few meters out from field boundaries, such as hedges and riverbanks and even fences
  • installing bat, dormouse and bird boxes in woodlands
  • installing an owl loft or box in old buildings and trees – download the leaflet below for more information
  • avoiding cutting hedges in the bird breeding season
  • maintaining or creating any ponds or ditches
  • installing an otter holt on your river bank

All of these simple measures can increase the value of your land as a habitat for wildlife.

North East Wales Barn Owl Leaflet

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