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Rhos on Sea Waterfront - Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting: Maps

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The Council's reasons for making the proposed Order are:
  • to maintain the free flow of traffic
  • improve road safety
  • preserve the amenity of the area
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Overview map L/01/02/22/200

Download Overview map L/01/02/22/200 (PDF, 376KB)


Map L/01/02/22/201

Download map L/01/02/22/201 (PDF, 188KB)


Map L/01/02/22/202

Download map L/01/02/22/202 (PDF, 194KB)


Map L/01/02/22/203.2

Download map L/01/02/22/203.2 (PDF, 235KB)


Map L/01/02/22/204.2

Download map L/01/02/22/204.2 (PDF, 199KB)


Map L/01/02/22/205

Download map L/01/02/22/205 (PDF, 224KB)


Map L/01/02/22/206

Download map L/01/02/22/206 (PDF, 209KB)


Map L/01/02/22/207

Download map L/01/02/22/207 (PDF, 207KB)


Map L/01/02/22/208

Download map L/01/02/22/208 (PDF, 145KB)


Map L/01/02/22/209

Download map L/01/02/22/209 (PDF, 166KB)


Map L/01/02/22/210

Download map L/01/02/22/210 (PDF, 365KB)


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