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How a decision is made on an application

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The case officer will take many issues into account when considering an application, including:

  • Local and national planning policies,
  • Views of other council services like Environmental Health,
  • Views of county council services like Highways,
  • Views of external bodies like Natural Rescources Wales
  • Comments received from local people - (objecting to an application will not automatically mean that it will be refused).

The case officer will then come to a balanced view.

Decisions on most planning applications are made by the Council's planning officers under delegated powers.

However, if the proposal is major or very controversial it will usually be referred to the Planning Committee for a decision. If the application is to be determined by the Planning Committee only those registered to speak at the meeting will be notified of the date, time and venue of the meeting.

Larger, more complex or controversial applications may be decided by the Planning Committee made up by Councillors. Councillors will receive a report which includes details of representations which have been made and the issues raised, together with the officer's recommendation. There will also be a presentation of the application by an officer, usually with plans and photos of the site.
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