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Data Protection

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The rules which govern our use of personal data are called Data Protection Principles
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In line with the principles, we must:

  • Only use personal data according to a set of conditions found in the Data Protection Act. This usually means that we will only use information when the law require it, or with your permission
  • Use personal data lawfully and fairly.  You will usually be informed if data about you is being used
  • Keep enough data about you to provide effective services.  However, we will not keep more data than is necessary
  • Make sure the data we keep is accurate and up-to-date
  • Not keep data for longer than we need it
  • Provide you with access to your personal data and also prevent the use of data which causes you unfair damage or distress
  • Make sure all personal data will be kept secure and take steps to prevent your data from being lost or stolen.

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