Seagulls and Pigeons

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All species of gull are protected. This makes it illegal to intentionally or recklessly injure or kill any gull or damage or destroy any nest which has a chick in it.
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Why we should not feed the gulls and pigeons

Because we have fed these birds, particularly the gulls, they have learnt that food from humans is an easy source of food. They now think that any food we carry is for them. Therefore we are getting more and more complaints of gulls 'mugging' people for food. In some cases this had led to physical injury. They are also colonising the urban areas as this is where people are providing their food. Consequently, they are nesting on buildings in the towns and surrounding area. Thirty years ago it was rare to find them nesting on roofs, they preferred sea cliffs.

We have encouraged them - What can we do?

The most effective long term solution involves restricting the birds' access to food. Do not feed Gulls and Pigeons Gulls and pigeons that feed on their natural foods are healthier. Dispose of your food wrappings and unwanted food in a bin which restricts access to them.

What if a Gull is nesting on my property?

When a gull is nesting on individual properties, it is protected if the owner of that building is happy for them to nest there.

If property owners are not happy with the gulls nesting on their properties, they can take steps to proof their property against future nest building. It is permissible to destroy a nest, take or destroy eggs, where all other avenues of control have been considered in the interests of public health or safety. Once the eggs have hatched it would be illegal to kill the chick.  The Council does not offer a proofing or nest removal service, but private pest control firms do.

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