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Direct Payments (Social Services) – Arranging your own support and services

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If you have an assessment that shows you are eligible for help to meet your care needs, Conwy Council, Social Services Department can give you the money instead of a service. You can spend the money on getting the support you need.
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What are Direct Payments?

Direct Payments is a cash amount paid to you so that you can arrange and pay for social care support instead of the council arranging services for you.

You spend the money on getting the support you want to meet eligible needs/outcomes that have been agreed as part of your assessment. This enables you to have greater flexibility, choice and control over your life and you are able to make your own decisions about how your care is delivered.

Who can have Direct Payments?

You can only have a Direct Payment once you have had an assessment and the council agrees you are eligible for certain social care services.

If you are eligible and:

  • A disabled person aged 16 years and above;
  • A parent of a disabled child (or people with parental responsibility for disabled children) to pay for services for the child.
  • A carer aged 16 years and above, for services to meet the carers own assessed needs
  • A disabled person with parental responsibilities for a child, for services to support their parenting role.  
  • An appointed Suitable Person for someone who lacks capacity (the council must agree who the suitable person is).

How do I get a Direct Payment?

People who already get social care services from us

Usually people who are already getting care services from us can choose to have a direct payment instead. You can ask your social worker for information about this.

People new to adult social care services

You will need a social care assessment to find out if we can offer you a direct payment. You can ask us for a social care assessment by contacting: Conwy Access Team

For general enquiries about Direct Payments:

If you have a general enquiry about Direct payments or are already in receipt you can contact the Direct Payment Section

Tel: 01492 577744


Block M, Government Buildings
Dinerth Road
Colwyn Bay
LL28 4UL

The Rowan Organisation

The Rowan Organisation runs an independent support service for Conwy County Borough Council. Their help is free to the service users who are interested in and who use Direct Payments.

If you are interested in Direct Payments after your assessment or review your Social Worker will tell the Rowan Organisation. The Rowan Organisation has Direct Payments Advisers who can help service users to decide whether to apply for Direct Payments or not.
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