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Events on the authority's promenades, beaches and foreshores

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Notes for Applicants


These notes are published for information and guidance of either organisations or individuals applying for permission to stage events on the Authority's Promenades Beaches or Foreshores.


Applications to stage events are to be made on the form provided, which is to be completed as fully as possible.  Application forms should normally be submitted 21 days in advance of the intended event start date.
For events at Conwy Quay, please contact the Harbour Master directly at


a) All applications are to be accompanied by:-

i) Proof of public liability insurance at a minimum level of £5 million.

ii) A completed risk assessment form.

iii) An event site plan.

b) Some applications may in addition be required to be accompanied by:-

i) A copy of any street collection permit issued for the event.

ii) A copy of any event specific license issued for the event.


a) Some events may require a specific temporary event license issued by this Authority's Licensing Department, organisers will be advised if this is considered to be applicable.

b) Events that collect money from the general public may require a street collection permit issued by this Authority's Licensing Department.  Organisers will be advised if this is considered applicable.

c) Events organised by charitable organisations are restricted to a maximum of one event in each calendar month.

d) Events organised by religious groups are restricted to a maximum of one such event per day on Weekdays and two on Sundays.

Block bookings for religious events are restricted to a maximum of one such event per organisation every 14 days.

Note:-  Religious groups providing entertainment rather than a religious service are exempt from these restrictions.


Where events are for public entertainment they are to provide an entertainer who performs.  Recorded entertainment is not permitted.


Events are not permitted to block or restrict access to :-

a) The RNLI Lifeboat route or its slipway (Llandudno North Shore Promenade)

b) Any jetty, slipway or beach access steps

c) Emergency Services Vehicles


Event organisers should note that these Byelaws place restrictions on:-

  • The erection of posts, rails, fences etc.  *  See Note 1.
  • Selling and Hawking.  *  See Note 1.
  • Performances etc.  *  See Note 1.
  • Begging, Touting etc.
  • Truck, machines and vehicles.  *  See Note 1.
  • Games.  *  See Note 1.
  • Wireless sets, gramophones, amplifiers etc.
  • Riding and Driving.

*  Note 1: Event applications specifying these activities will be considered for authorisation subject to the specific requirements and circumstances of the event.

*  Note 2: Full copies of the Byelaws are available on request.

Seaboard Event Application (Electronic Form)

Seaboard Event Application (Print Only Form)

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