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Registering a Death

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Every death in England or Wales has to be registered within 5 days of the date of the death – unless the Coroner is investigating the circumstances relating to the death.

Where can I register a Death?

Deaths occurring within the County Borough of Conwy have to be registered at Llandudno Town Hall by appointment.

Registering a Death by Declaration:

If you are unable to attend the Register Office in Llandudno you can make an appointment to attend any Register Office within England or Wales to register the death by declaration.

The Registrar will record the details and send your signed declaration to the registrar in the district where the death occurred.

Registering a death in this way may unfortunately cause a delay to the funeral, as the necessary documents will be sent by post rather than being issued to the person attending the register office. It is advisable to discuss arrangements with the funeral director and the register office staff so as to avoid any unnecessary delay.

Who can register a death?

  • A relative of the deceased (usually the closest one)
  • A person present at the death
  • The owner or manager of the hospital or residential home where the death occurred.

In certain circumstances other people may be able to register. Please telephone the Register Office for advice if you are not sure who should register the death.

What details do I need to register a death?

  • Date and Place of Death
  • Date and Place of Birth of the deceased person
  • Full name of the deceased, including maiden surname if applicable
  • Home address and occupation of the deceased
  • Full name, date of birth and occupation of the deceased person’s spouse (if applicable)
  • Full name and address of the person registering the death
  • Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.  In most cases, a GP or hospital doctor can issue a Medical Certificate of the cause of death so that it can be registered by the registrar. When a death has been reported to the coroner the registrar must wait for the coroner to finish his enquiries before the death can be registered. These enquiries may take time, so it is always best to contact the coroner’s office before any funeral arrangements are made.  
  • If available  - NHS Medical Card or NHS number
  • Whether the deceased was in receipt of a pension or allowance from a Government Department ( e.g. Civil Service, NHS, Teaching Pension
  • To help ensure accuracy of the information recorded it would be helpful (but not essential) if you could bring supporting documentation for the deceased with you ( e.g. passport , driving licence, utility bill, birth and marriage certificates)
  • It would also be helpful ( but not essential) if the person registering the death could bring proof of ID for themselves ( eg Passport , Driving Licence , Utility Bill)

Tell Us Once Service

As part of your appointment you will be offered the Tell Us Once service. This service is free of charge and will notify certain government organisations and the local Council of the death and make it easier and simpler to sort out the deceased’s affairs. Conwy County Borough Council may also notify other departments within the Local Authority that may need to update their records.

Documents to bring with you:

  • Deceased’s (and Spouse if applicable) National Insurance number
  • Deceased’s UK passport
  • Deceased’s Bus Pass
  • Deceased's Blue Badge
  • Deceased’s Driving Licence

We will also ask for contact details of the:

  • Next of Kin
  • Person dealing with their estate

You must obtain the permission of the persons listed above if you are going to provide us with information about them.

What Documents will the Registrar give me?

  • Certified copies of the Death Entry (Death Certificates) - there is a fee for these certificates. You can always get more certificates from the Register Office in the future.
  • A green form to pass on to the funeral director (if the Coroner has not already issued the document)
  • A form for Department of Work and Pensions (If the Tell us Once Service hasn't been used)
  • If you have used the Tell us Once service  - a letter confirming all the departments that have been informed

Download application form for a copy Death Certificate


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