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Hate Crime Awareness Week

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Hate Crime Awareness Week is a national week of action to encourage communities affected by hate crime, local authorities, police forces and other key partners to work together to tackle local hate crime issues. 

The core value of the week is to stand in solidarity with those affected by hate crime, to remember those we have lost, and support those who need ongoing support.

The theme for Wales this year is #WalesTogether

What is Hate Crime?

Hate crime is any crime motivated by prejudice against one or more aspect of a person’s identity. 

  • If someone is targeted for their Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Transgender Identify or Disability - this is a hate crime. 
  • Other aspects of a person's identity can also be targeted. These can include Age, Sub-Culture, Sex/Gender, Weight and Hair Colour amongst others. These may be reported and supported as hate incidents. 

How is hate crime defined in the law? 

Hate Crime is an offence or incident motivated by prejudice against at least 1 of the 5 protected characteristics. 

What is an identity?

Under hate crime law, there are 5 categories of identity:

  • Disability
  • Race or ethnicity
  • Religion and belief
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender identity

Hate crime destroys lives and isolates vulnerable individuals and communities. We know it is happening but it remains under reported. 

Left unreported, offenders are free to continue committing this crime. We want this to change. We want everyone to encourage and support people to talk about hate crime and most importantly report it.

How do I report hate crime?

In an emergency always call 999. In a non-emergency you can call 101 for the police or 0300 30 31 982 for the Wales Hate Support Centre, to access independent support services.

Looking for help with Hate Crime?

In Wales, the Wales Hate Support Centre run by Victim Support is open 24/7. Their free, independent and confidential support can help you cope and recover from the impact of Hate Crime. They can also report to the police on your behalf. 

What’s on?

In North Wales, Victim Support Wales together with North Wales Police, the Police and Crime Commissioner and both the North-East and North-West Community Cohesion Teams are collaborating to host an on-line session on Tuesday the 11th of October, 2022 at 4pm via ‘zoom’ to explore the barriers to reporting hate crime.

Please see below the Eventbrite link for registering to attend – we look forward to having your company for this awareness raising event - feel free to circulate details of the event wider.

Please also see link below to a calendar of events happening across Wales during the week: 

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