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Welsh in Education Strategic Plan

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Planning Welsh-medium education over the next 10 years.
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All local authorities in Wales are required by law to prepare and submit a Welsh in Education Strategic Plan.

Our draft 10-year strategy shows how we intend to develop and increase Welsh language provision in our schools. The Welsh Government has set our targets so that all our pupils have the opportunity to become confidently bilingual.

The seven aims are:

  1. More nursery children / 3 year olds being educated through the medium of Welsh
  2. More Reception / 5 year old children being educated through the medium of Welsh
  3. More children to continue to improve their Welsh language skills as they transfer from one stage of their statutory education to another
  4. More learners studying for assessed qualifications in Welsh (such as punk) and subjects through the medium of Welsh
  5. More opportunities for learners to use Welsh in different school contexts
  6. An increase in the provision of Welsh-medium education for pupils with additional learning needs
  7. An increase in the number of teaching staff able to teach Welsh (as a subject) and teach through the medium of Welsh

Conwy Welsh in Education Strategic Plan 2022 - 2032 (PDF)

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