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Seagulls and Pigeons

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All gulls are protected. This makes it illegal to intentionally injure or kill any gull or damage or destroy any nest which has a chick in it.
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Why we should not feed the gulls and pigeons

Because we feed the gulls, they have learnt that humans are an easy source of food.  They think that any food we carry is for them. We are getting more and more complaints of gulls attacking people for food. Sometimes this has led to physical injury. They are also living on roof tops in towns. Food is easy to find in our towns and villages.

Do not feed gulls and pigeons

Gulls and pigeons that feed on their natural foods are healthier. Put your food wrappings and unwanted food in a bin with a lid.

What if a gull or pigeon is nesting on my property?

Natural Resources Wales issue licences for various aspects for dealing with wild birds, please see the following link:

Natural Resource Wales 

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